Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Video Blogs

Students from the IML 104 class at the USC Institute for Multimedia Literacy video blogged the Katrina Teach-In. The videos were shot, edited and uploaded during the event, with each student making a 2-3 minute video blog that reflected what they found most interesting about one of the professor's talks.

Complete versions of all the talks can be download from the sidebar on the right.
The IML 104 students' video blogs can be viewed by clicking the links below.
"standard" versions should play on most computers; "hi-res" versions require Quicktime 7.

Professor J. Lawford Anderson on natural and unnatural disasters

standard   hi-res   Video blogged by Lindsay Pond

Professor Steve Anderson on Internet coverage of Katrina

standard   hi-res   Video blogged by Sam Ghods

Professor Barry Glassner on misdirection in media coverage of Katrina

standard   hi-res   Video blogged by Isomi Miake-Lye

Professor Judith Jackson Fossett on the history of slavery

standard   hi-res   Video blogged by Andy Hogan

Professor Tara McPherson on the impact of the cost of the war in Iraq

standard   hi-res   Video blogged by Sonia Seetharaman

For more information about student broadcasts from the IML 104 class, visit:

Monday, October 24, 2005


Welcome to the University of Southern California "Learning from Katrina" Teach-In Blog. The actual teach-in happened on Tuesday, October 25th, 2005. The event was documented on video by students from The Institute for Multimedia Literacy Honors Program. Immediately following the teach-in they posted interviews and video from the event to this blog. From this point on, we hope to have this space available as a living record and a space for everyone to discuss what we have learned and can learn from the hurricanes and floods that struck New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.
All are welcome to share their thoughts and reflections.